Country Music Rocks Interview With Blaine Larsen

We had the opportunity to catch up with Blaine Larsen whose single “Chillin” is making its way up the charts. Take a listen to Blaine “Chillin” with Country Music Rocks!!

CMR: Your new single Chillin’ is becoming a catchy tune for the summer. When you have the opportunity, what is your idea of Chillin’?

CMR: Who is one of your biggest musical influences that you identify the most with at this time in your life?

CMR: Your not only a talented singer but you are also a successful songwriter and co-wrote “I Gotta Get To You” which is George Strait’s current single.  What was that experience like for you?
CMR: What is one of your favorite songs that has been a big inspiration for you?
CMR: You attended CMA’s Music Festival last month, what was your favorite part of the event?
CMR: If you could write a song and record it with any artist, who would you pick and why?

CMR: Do you think the social media outlets available, such as Facebook & Twitter, has given you an opportunity to feel connected to your fans?
CMR: What can your fans expect coming up in the near future from you?
CMR: We gave your fans the opportunity to submit questions to us for this interview.  

CMR: Jessica from Baltimore, MD wants to know: Do you cook and if so, what is your  specialty dish?

CMR: Lynn from Springfield, OH wants to know: Since you have your pilots license and you could fly someone famous, who would you pick?


CMR: Carly from San Diego wants to know what you like better, Facebook or Twitter?

CMR: Here is a very popular question that several of your fans asked.  You watch the Bachorlette with your wife and tweet about it. In all honesty, do you secretly enjoy the show other than just making fun of it???

For more information on Blaine Larsen, please visit his official website and remember to keep requesting Chillin’ on your local radio stations.

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  1. Love Blaine's song Chillin and can't wait for his album. Such a cool interview, its neat to hear him actually talk.

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