CONTEST – Win An Autographed Copy Of Trailer Choir's Debut CD "Tailgate" & Autographed Poster

Contest Closed!! Thank you for all posted comments & the tons of emails received.

Congratulations Laura & Kyle!! Be sure to take your new Trailer Choir cd with you on your next Tailgate!!

Trailer Choir just recently released their debut cd entitled Tailgate which includes their popular hit single Rockin’ The Beer Gut. The trio, which consists of Crystal, Big Vinny & Butter, performed their newest single Shakin’ That Tailgate at the 2010 CMT Music Awards in June.

This album, produced by Toby Keith and Mark Wright of Show Dog Universal Music, is full of tracks that match the personality of the band which is fun, easy going and about having a good time. Each song has a catchy rhythm that will instantly put a smile on your face.

We have two (2) autographed Tailgate cd’s & autographed Trailer Choir posters to give away to two lucky winners. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us about one of your Tailgate Experiences at a concert, football game, etc… Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact the winners. You can also email us at to tell us about your Tailgate Experienc.

We are also going to have an opportunity to win a autographed cd & poster on Twitter too, so be sure to follow us – @cm_rocks!!

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  1. Well i have 2 stories i can tell about when i was IN the concert..(1) story was when i went to go see Kenny Chesney (waaaaay) back in the day in concert, during one of his performance there were ALOT of Balloons fallen from the ceiling everyone was hitting them but i decided to keep mine, so i held a tight grip on the balloon and at the end of kennys show everyone including me rushed up to the front of the stage and i still held onto my balloon and kenny reached over and signed it, then as i was leaving this "Drunk" guy asked me if he could buy it from me for $20.00 bucks and i told him nope, i still have it to this day..:) (2) Story, 2 yrs ago i went to go see Clay Walker in concert and during one of his songs HUGE beach balls came out, so i grabbed one and kept it, well after the show this young man came up to me and asked me how much i would sale the ball for cause he wanted it for his girlfriend, i told him it wasnt for sale, but then he threw 20 bucks at me and i was like ugh ok here..So he got a beach ball and i got 20 bucks lol..

    So thats my Country Concert experince and im hoping it will win me this awesome contest..:)


  2. Motherfun1

    I saw the Trailor Chior about 6 months ago at a small bar called Dukes in Portland Oregon. I stood right up front next to the stage to get in the thinck of the action. The show was so much fun and had a huge volume of energy. Crystal, Vinny and Butter (Mark) were so much amazing to watch. After the show they announched they were signing and giving hugs, so I stood in line.

    Vinny is such a nice kid and a huge hug came from him first. Then Crystal who was a great hugger and such a wonderful person to talk to. Butter was last and she squeezed ny guts out it was so funny. I really was not expecting to get hugs it threw me. I love the the stuffin out of the 3 of them such a great show we got our picture taken but mine did not turn out and autographs. I wear my Trailor Chior Tee Shirt proudly.

    KD Carroll

  3. Being from Wisconsin everyone knows I am a huge CHEESEHEAD! I was lucky enough to have tickets to a few Packers games last season and we decided to tailgate. Wisconsin is full of loud beerdrinking rednecks! We get to the parking lot and almost everyone is wasted right off the bat and the game wasn't even close to starting! My crew set up a little grill and put some burgers on and sat in lawn chairs to relax. A truck pulls up next to us and out walks some major cheeseheads with bean-bag toss and Packers merchandise galore! Hats, Tents, Chairs, everything! I sure felt like a fool! Lets just say the next game I was not outdone!
    I am going to see the Trailer Choir this weekend! It should be a great show and I cannot wait!


  4. My daughter Alexis would from shake her Tailgate.. she want to thank you all bless your heart..Holla..<3 muah..

  5. Tailgate experiences. In my home town there is a tradition of going to the opera, and having a tailgate party before hand. So people who are not going to the opera will show up and tailgate with everyone else, and right around when the opera is about to begin everyone starts leaving. It is a lot of fun.

  6. I tailgate every season for the NY Giants even when it is freezing cold & snowy. Those are the best times. We bring the whole shabang and enjoy ourselves. There have been times where we never even made it into the game and just turned the radio and/or tv on and tailgated the whole time. Sometimes that is more fun than the game!! Love Rockin The Beer Gut and would like to hear more music from the Trailer Choir.
    ~Karen (I emailed u my email address & this comment so u know its me)

  7. About 10 years back I went campin' with this little filly in the Sierras outside a town called Bishop in the late spring. It was a free campground and as we came up the road in daylight we caught sight of this bear lumbering on through. Well, at dark this gal and I policed up the camp, got rid of any leftover supper scraps, and I set up our bedroll in the bed of my pickup and we're sleepin' under the stars. Around about 3 a.m. the truck bed makes a coupla good shakes and I jump up in a fright and reach for a sidearm, just hollerin' "whoa" and "hey" at the top of my lungs. I reckoned that dang black bear was climbin' up into the truck bed and I as scared spitless. Well, it's just the gal climbin' up onto the TAILGATE after takin' a bathroom break; she's as startled at my hollerin' as I was at the truck bouncin'. She asked what's wrong and I answered that I thought she was that dang bear. We had a good laugh about that every time we made camp there.

  8. Not sure this counts as a tailgate story, but a little over a year ago I went to a concert in PA. It was an acoustic show.. We all had to line up outside of the venue to wait to get in the DJ's from the radio station came out to entertain us so they started a question & answer game with us it was the best time I had & I made some new friends!!!

  9. One of my favorite tailgating memories was at a college football game. We got there early in the morning, played great country music all day and caught up with friends throughout the day. It felt like we were all back in college again. It was a day to forget about problems and just have fun and that is just what we did!

  10. I tailgate all season long! I tailgate all football season both college and pro and then throughout the summer at concerts. I even have a bit of a beer gut to rock at the tailgate!! Looking forward to hearing more music from Trailer Choir. I also like their Rolling Thru The Sunshine Song Too.

  11. I Love the Trailer Choir!! I haven't tailgated much but I have tailgated for a couple of Kenny concerts and it was the best time ever!! Its such a great day with good food, good friends and the best country music!!!

  12. I got to hear Trailer Choir live for the first time at the CMT Awards this year and they were awesome, albeit a short little tease of the music. I've actually been listening to tailgate all day, it's just a good, fun, funny, song, and it's what they sang that night. In terms of an actual tailgating experience at a concert. About 6 of us went to a Chesney concert at Jones Beach last year and had a bbq going on the tailgate of the truck. Security came over and started to lecture us about fire safety and asked us to put the bbq out. All 6 of us promptly took out our wallets and displayed our fire department badges to the security lady who silently got back in her car and left apologetically as we laughed 🙂 Pretty sure we had the fire safety stuff covered lol.


  13. I LOVE tailgating!!! Me and a bunch of friends tailgate for football all season long. We tailgate for concerts too! Our best tailgates were Chesney & Buffett. We set up a whole island/beach theme had food & frozen concoctions. It was a blast and played their music the entire time. It was like a mini concert all day. Its fun meeting new people throughout the day as so many people walk around and say "hi". Tailgating creates such great memories and friends for so many people.

  14. There is nothing like good tailgating before a football game, no matter what the weather. We have tailgated in sun, rain, snow, hail etc… and have had a blast every time. It actually seems like we have a better time when the weather isn't perfect. We just weather the storm and have a blast. I look forward to tailgating every year with my buddies.

  15. Me & my friends tailgate every year for Country Fest at Gillette Stadium. Kenny Chesney was the headliner up until this year which was a big bummer but we are still gonna do it again this year with Brad Paisley. In the past years we would get to the stadium as early as we could set up area and just get ready to enjoy the day. We even brought a little kids pool and filled with water so we could cool down. We would blast Chesney music and walk around to other tailgaters and make new friends and invite people walking around over to our area and have a drink with us. I've made some great friends at these tailgates and look forward to make some more this year.

  16. Tailgating at Chesney Concerts & Patriots Games is the best EVER!!! I've been tailgating for years, I'm actually well seasoned in the sport! Would love to win this cd. I really liked their song Rocking The Beer Gut and I liked what I heard of Shakin That Tailgate on the CMT Awards but they didn't play the whole thing.

  17. Tailgating is a big part of my year. I go big during football season no matter what the weather is. I enjoy doing the grilling. I like to marinate everything so its nice and tasty come game day. I’ve been tailgating for years and probably will even when I am old and gray.

  18. Tailgating is the crucial part of a game. You gotta go prepared for anything. You get there early, you tailgate and bs all day you watch the game and then you come back and tailgate some more (sans the beer) while you wait for traffic to die down before going home. I look forward to football season every year, sometimes more for the tailgating than the actual game.

  19. I've tailgated a few times for football games and its alot of fun. Good times with lots of friends and you end up meeting so many new people. I also tried new drinks and food. Its alot of fun, personally I think its more fun than the actual game though I won't admit that to my husband! 😉

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