CONTEST – Win An Autographed Copy Of Jerrod Niemann's Debut CD Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury

Contest Closed!! Thank you for all the posted comments & tons of emails received.

Congratulations Cathy & Ashley!! Enjoy your new Jerrod Niemann cd!

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Jerrod Niemann released his debut album last week, Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury. The verdict is in and the highly anticipated album has been a hit!! Lover, Lover, the first single from the debut cd, has been climbing the charts week after week.

Jerrod took a different approach with his album. You won’t find this to be a cd of just 12 songs but you will also find 8 skits to enjoy displaying the humorous personality of the singer. Jerrod’s voice has a sound that is unique and classic all at the same time.

We have 2 autographed cd’s to give away!! In keeping with the Lover, Lover theme we want you to tell us about your Lover. It can be a Past Lover, a Present Lover or someone you have your eye on that you want to be your Future Lover. Leave us a comment with your email address and tell us about it or email us at

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  1. There's this guy who used to be a really good friend of mine, we enjoyed our flirting back and forth while at the same time just remaining friends. I had my eye on him since the first day of school – he was the one in the hallway blaring Dierks Bentley on his ipod but I was in such a hurry, I didn't get a chance to comment on it. As the year progressed we got to know each other, I had finally found my country boy. Unfortunately, he's a past lover now because he recently deleted me from his life with no idea why. I guess you live and you learn.

  2. Honestly, I'm 16 and never have had a girlfriend and am not looking. I feel that love is something special and when you find it you'll know it's there. I don't feel like wasting my time on people just to have experience. I feel when I find my leading lady I will naturally know what to do and how to act! My current love is music! I have 100+ CD's and this would be an AMAZING addition!

  3. so I used to have this girlfriend who I thought was absolutely amazing. We did everything and went everywhere together. But there was one thing, I loved country music and she hated it. It was the only kind of music I played when we cruised in my truck. If she told me to change it I would just say that I wouldn't aand she would have to deal with it. This would anger her and put her in a bad mood not for the fact that she hated the music just for the fact that I wouldn't listen to her. Pretty soon we became more distant and she became less interested in me so I decided it was time to break up. To break up with her I decided to play the song. Lover, lover by jerrod niemann. So after
    the song she had just undergone the two things she hated most, country music and me!!!

  4. I have the best Lover ever!! We have been married 6 years and its been the best 6 years ever. My husband is amazing, caring and the best thing that has ever happened to me. There is no one specific reason why, he just is!
    ~Karen (I emailed u my email address)

  5. My "Lover" is here in the present and is the best thing ever. She just game a brand new baby and we are the happiest parents ever. I love my wife & am thankful for our new baby.

  6. My Lover is pretty awesome! We've been together for a few years now and he has been a huge blessing in my life. I'm proud to in a relationship with him. He has given me so much and not just in material things. He knows when to give me the compliment that I just need to hear or he is always trying to do little surprises like pretending we are on our way home when really he takes an odd turn and we go for ice cream instead. He is about the little things and to me the little things in life mean the most.

  7. I have my eyes set on someone. Would be nice if she would be my future lover but I don't know… I tend to be on the shy side sometimes. But she's a real eyecatcher and not the snobby type. She's a girl I would be proud to take home to my family.

  8. Yeah I had a Lover but he is gone gone gone!! Got rid of him cuz he didn't treat me no good no more!! He was prince charming at first and then I was stuck paying for this and paying for that and he never wanted to do anything I wanted to do but he always had time and money to do stuff he wanted to do. After almost a year of that (yeah I know a year) I said enough was enough and I walked. After watching the video for Lover Lover, it gave me a great idea if I get stuck with another one like that again. Hopefully I won't but if I do…. 😉

  9. My "Lover" is a great guy! We've been together for over a year and I feel like he is the one. I think he feels the same way too, he actually brings up our future alot so that is a good sign. He treats me really do and I treat him good in a return. I love the song Lover, Lover ever since the first time I heard it. Its got a great beat and I love the concept behind it. Its a different story line from what you typically hear from songs on the radio.

  10. The best way to start this is by saying one of my favorite quotes from When Harry Met Sally, it goes "I am a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love me." My lover is someone who I will never know if we could have been something there or not. I am 22 and he is 33. No problem with the age because I tend to associate myself with that crowd. I started hanging out with him when I began working for him 2 years ago doing side jobs at his bar such as cleaning, to help pay the bills for school. The flirting started then and continued well up to this past year. If you want to put it in relation to a song the best is "Something There" from Beauty and The Beast. He dragged me along for 2 years making it seem as though he was interested, only did I come to find that he was on the prowl and doing things with others. He also was stringing along another girl for 4 years and finally said he is in a relationship with her. However, whenever I bring up the relationship he downplays it to me. I am tired of being strung along and having my heart dragged along the ground. When I heard the song "Lover Lover" for the first time on CMT it was exactly what I needed to get me to say I am done. As the song goes, "You don't treat me no good, no more"


  11. My lover is now finally my husband! After dating for well over 5 years he finally popped the question. Good thing too or I was getting ready to move his stuff out! Kidding, sort of… We've been married happily for 4 years.

  12. My lover is now finally my husband! After dating for well over 5 years he finally popped the question. Good thing too or I was getting ready to move his stuff out! Kidding, sort of… We've been married happily for 4 years.

  13. Ha! My Lover is definitely not in the picture! After 2 years she just couldn't get the picture that during football season I was busy. Me & my buds tailgated at all the home games and when the games were away we went to each other's houses and watched Sunday football all day. Its been our thing for years. She knew that coming into the relationship and tried to change me. I didn't let that happen so we are done! I know I sound selfish but here is the flip side, any other day of the week I was totally accommodating to whatever she wanted to do! I was only asking for 1 day a week for a few months out of the year….

  14. For almost a year my boyfriend started to make his friends his priority and I fell to the wayside. He only came around when nothing else better was going on. So rather than just go for the instant break up I started to go to the gym more than I was before, got a new hair style, bought some new style clothes when the gym really started paying off and then started to hang out with my friends. He did not like that very much and was always trying to make plans with me so I wouldn't go out with my girlfriends. One night I told him I would meet up with him and that I would just meet him at the restaurant. It was a nice restaurant, he had to make reservations and everything. Instead I called the restaurant about 20 minutes after I was supposed to be there and told them to get a note to him and I broke up with him via the restaurant hostess!! And then I went out for the night and had a blast!! Since then I have met an amazing guy and am in a very happy & healthy relationship!

  15. Well I got my eye on a guy who I hope to make my future "Lover". We've been out on a few dates but I'm trying to play it real cool. He's not a huge lover of country music so I am trying to convert him. If I can manage that task then he will be a keeper. I can already tell I am winning him over little by little. I love this video and the song and hope to hear more stuff of Jerrod's on the radio soon or if I win this cd then I can hear more of it even sooner!! 🙂

  16. My Lover is the best thing in the world! He’s been my husband for 23 years and we are still in love like we were when we were dating. He is my best friend, my husband, my confident, etc.. We have a beautiful family, life is good. We enjoy doing lots of stuff together. We share the same interests as well as have our own separate hobbies. We both enjoy this song and hope to hear more.
    Cathy (

  17. My lover has been my husband for 42 years…that's right…42 years!
    We met at Phillip's Drive-In Restaurant and married 3 months later!

  18. Well I’ve had past Lovers in the process of getting rid of my present “lover” and looking forward to moving on to a future lover. I’m hoping this time I get it right. Its hard finding the right guy. For a while I was thinking there was something wrong with me but nope I don’t think so. I’m who I am and just need to find the right guy to accept it.

  19. At this time I do not have anyone in my life to call a lover but I hope to in the near future. I’ve been single for about 8 months now and to tell you the truth I am enjoying my independence. Its been a long time coming and I know that I’m not ready for a relationship right now. Dating has actually been fun. I’m sure I will get sick of it soon but for right now I’m just enjoying the moments and hopefully when the time is right it will lead to someone who will be my mister perfect.

  20. My boyfriend is the greatest. He is very sweet and caring and for the most part always goes out of his way for me. Yeah there are time when I want to wring his neck but I’m sure he feels the same way every now and again. No one is perfect. I’ve been in relationships enough to know that this is the last one I want to be in. So that makes him my present lover and hopefully my future one too.

  21. I just got married two months ago and my guy treats me real good. Otherwise I wouldn’t have married him! Lol!! He is the best and I’m so happy that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

  22. I’ve been married for 2 years and it has been the best thing in my life. We have really grown together even more so than when we first got married. I didn’t think it was possible for us to have a deeper connection that what we had when we were getting married. I think our love grows stronger and stronger every day. I’m very blessed to have this man as a part of my life

  23. My husband has been my lover for 19 years.He's a "Good Man" and I don't say it lightly. Good men are on shortage these days. He loves me with everything within himself and with everything he has. He would do anything to take care of me and our children and he has proved it time and time again. He is honorable and does the right thing even when no one would know the difference. Other men respect him and he has a deep wisdom beyond his years. He's trustworthy and I can count on him to give reliable advise. He's not perfect, I'm not perfect ~ we've are both fiercely independent and strong-willed people but we agree on the important things in life and we believe and value the same things. He's taking me to see Jerrod in concert for our anniversary just because I love his music and he's never even heard his songs. 🙂 If he thinks I want something, he'll do anything he can to give it to me. I don't ask for a lot and he doesn't tell me no very often. We just work, and yes, sometimes it is work! A lot of I'm sorrys and forgiving. But, oh, its good to know we both want to see it through, just like when we took our vows 19 years ago. We meant what we said.
    I love you, babe!

    K ~ I'm emailing you my email address

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