Trace Adkins New Album 'Cowboy's Back In Town' Hits Your Town August 17th

Trace Adkins is set to release his new album Cowboy’s Back In Town on August 17th. His first single from the new album This Ain’t No Love Song is already a favorite on country radio nationwide. This will be Trace’s first album with his new label Show Dog – Universal Music which is spearheaded by Toby Keith and producer Mark Wright.
Adkins will also release a Deluxe Version of the new album on August 17th which will feature 4 additional songs including Hillbilly Bone with Blake Shelton.
Trace Adkins is joining Toby Keith on the American Ride Tour this summer. You can see a complete list of tour dates on Trace’s official website

Cowboy’s Back In Town – Track Listing

1. Brown Chicken Brown Cow

2. Hold My Beer

3. Cowboy’s Back In Town

4. This Ain’t No Love Song

5. Hell, I Can Do That

6. A Little Bit Of Missing You

7. Still Love You

8. Don’t Mind If I Don’t

9. Ala-Freakin-Bama

10. Break Her Fall

11. Whoop A Man’s Ass

Deluxe Edition:

1. Happy Man

2. Between Rainbows and the Rain

3. Pictures On Mantles

4. Hillbilly Bone – performed by Blake Shelton (featuring Trace Adkins)

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