Steel Magnolia Bringing New Music To The Radio

Its been exactly one year ago this past week when Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolia were sitting in the audience at the CMT Music Awards as one of the top 5 finalists on CMT’s CAN YOU DUET show, and that first experience as part of a major industry event got them dreaming for what could be.

“Although this is our first CMA Music Fest, last year during this week, CMT CAN YOU DUET staff got all of the finalists tickets and we all went to the awards show. And I remember sitting kind of in the back and we sort of looked at each other and said, ‘Man, I want to be down there with everyone else,’ recalls Meghan. “It’s amazing that it’s already one year later. To have been asked to perform on the awards show and be nominated, and then to be able to perform at the Fest is crazy!”

Although the duo is experiencing newfound success with their debut single “Keep On Lovin’ You”, who to thank for that success is not lost on the two. “The success is because of the fans. And this past year, they have become such a big support for us,” notes Josh. “They give you all kinds of things, you know? They’ll make you knickknacks or bring you collages of concerts that you’ve done. It’s almost like you have a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while, and they’re happy to see you. Throughout the TV show, they got to know our personality enough, and when you see somebody enough on television and get to kind of peek into how they are, you feel like you know somebody on a certain level. It just feels so great to be loved like that, and we try to give it back to them as much as we can. It’s an amazing feeling.”

And Josh and Meghan are giving their fans exactly what they want: more music. Their new single, “Just By Being You (Halo And Wings)” impacts radio on June 21st.