Party With Kenny Chesney In Men's Journal And On No Shoes Radio This Weekend

While he’s not in the midst of one of his stadium-sized high-energy tours, that doesn’t mean Kenny Chesney has forgotten about playing all those songs that’ve come to mean summer’s here or having major fun with his friends, fans and like minded people. With his second stand at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas coming up July 2-3, Chesney will again broadcast his first show from the intimate concert hall real time on his No Shoes Radio network.

And to that expert party reality, the latest issue of Men’s Journal features the only act to sell over a million tickets each of the past eight year in their “Do Summer Right” feature, which includes instructions on How to Throw A Righteous Backyard Bash, Toss A Ringer Every Time, Spike a Watermelon and Make A Bigger Splash. Under the heading Party Like Kenny Chesney, the 4 point plan includes the sage advice, “If you’re working hard at it, you’re not doing it right” and “you know, it’s not about dressing up, The fewer clothes, the better.”

“They asked me,” Chesney says, “and it just seemed like pretty simple stuff: less is better, don’t make it too complicated. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the people and know times like this are what memories are made of… If you can do that, laugh a little and love more, you’re onto something.”

With the last pair of sold-out shows at The Joint going from the songs Chesney’s known for to full-on Keg in the Closet sets – with songs from the Allman Brothers, Alabama, Tom Petty, Steve Miller, the Violent Femmes as well as a few from Be As You Are: Songs from an Old Blue Chair, these shows were once-in-a-lifetime nights of music, stories and the camaraderie the singer/songwriter’s stripped down shows are known for. Knowing everyone can’t get to Vegas for the July 4th weekend, Chesney is bringing everyone to the party he’s throwing Friday night at

“I pretty much shredded my voice the second night,” admits the man whose “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D” DVD is the #1-selling music title in America. “We got up onstage in Vegas, and it was feeling and sounding so good, we didn’t wanna go home – and because it’s Vegas, you know, you really don’t have to. We broadcast the first show because we thought people would like it – and the feedback was so great, we figured why not do it again?

“I won’t say we’re the Grateful Dead or even Phish or Widespread Panic, but when we go off the set list and into the land of ‘I love that song, let’s play it…,” things can go all kinds of crazy places We all love music so much – and know so many songs, we can do bluegrass, we can do Van Halen and anything in between. It’s what makes these shows fun for us, and I think the fans… So I figured we might as well put the show out there for the fans to listen to wherever they are one more time.”

The pre-show with Jon and Tambo starts at 10 pm EST. The show starts at 11 EST – and goes until the band can play no more. People get ready, No Shoes Radio sets sail to parts musical this Friday.