Kenny Chesney's Football Documentary – "The Boys of Fall"

While Kenny Chesney may have taken this summer off from touring, he has been busy as ever. Not only does the country superstar sell out football stadiums year after year for his summer tours but he is now taking his passion for the sport to a whole new level as he is completing a documentary about High School Football.

“I was the starting wide receiver, which tells you how great we were,” Chesney says. “And I quit growing my freshman year. But I now know why we practiced longer, why our coach put us through double practices in the summer heat… all those things he put us through. It was to teach us things me and everybody on our team has used to become the people we are.”

Over the past year, Kenny has been working on the documentary entitled “The Boys of Fall” which depicts the strength, dedication and passion involved with the sport. Chesney also gained support from football professionals such as Sean Payton, Brett Favre, John Madden, & Troy Aikmen, as well as college & high school football coaches in his documentary.

“When I was looking for songs for my album, someone pitched me “The Boys of Fall” and it struck me as everything I think and feel about that experience,” Chesney says. “That song was like striking a match!”

The final distribution details are in process for “The Boys of Fall”.

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  1. The song of the same name is so beautifully written and I know that it has an enormous amount of meaning for my husband and his old teammates from high school and Lehigh University. Their bond is enviable and I am thankful Kenny is able to put it into words and on film.

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