Justin Moore CD Give Away Contest – Winner

Congratulations to Jessica of Huntingdon, PA. Jessica emailed us and told us about her Small Town.

I live in Huntingdon and its a small town in the state of Pennsylvania. Here in Huntingdon, alot of us live on farms and big areas of land. Our fun really does include include partying in the backwoods and tractor rides. Tractor rides really are part of dating 😉 Everyone one is friends with one another and knows one another. We all look out for each other. We have malls and such but mostly everyone is really into just being who they are and not all about what they wear or what they have that is better than someone elses. Justin Moores two songs that I’ve heard on the radio really talk about the so many things that I can relate to here in my small town.

Its contest time!!! We are giving a way a copy of Justin Moore’s debut, self titled cd. The cd features both hit singles Small Town USA & Backwoods as well as his newest single How I Got To Be This Way.

To enter this contest, tell us about your “Small Town”. Leave a comment below or email us at cmr@countrymusicrocks.net. Be sure to leave your name & email address. We will pick a winner early next week.

Good Luck!

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  1. About my "Small Town"..We have ALOT of eating places here, we are getting a Subway and i cant wait till its done,so i can get a subway sandwich every day lol..We dont have a Mall, dont have a Movie Theatre, we have 2 Grocery Stores..Theres nothing much else to do here for kids or for grown ups…But,over all its a fairly nice Community and everyone comes together when necessary..I would LUV to win this cd it would be a perfect package for me, cause i got a chance to meet Justin in person couple months back and he is way down to earth and i luv all his music..:)

    Steven Bramley


  2. My small town had 3 sets of railroad tracks running through it and they were all about a block and a half apart. Everybody knew everybody and there were no secrets. Since we had only 1 bank,1 funeral home and 1 store if you told someone thatyou were going to town,they pretty much knew where you were going.

  3. The first time I saw Justin Moore was singing the National Anthem at a Packers game. He blew my socks off! It was amazing! I would love to have this CD to see what he has to offer besides "Backwoods" and "Small Town USA" PLEASE pick me for this CD!


  4. My small town is really a medium size small town. Our mall is Walmart, and we have dozens of hotels since we are right off of the interstate. We have a lake that is probably our largest attraction and that's about it.


  5. OK my small town is preety kool. we are allways up and about singing the lyrics to country songs talking to many friends and there is allways a bbq going on. we have a local bar names jewels and it is some what packed on frieday nights. a movie theater is up on airport and there is not a very big crime rate we send the kids to the store to get the groociers and on sunday night the famky and close friends are siting in the back yard watching the up comeing football starts play football

    amanda graham

  6. My hometown is the "Backwoods"! We are from the same tiny town as Justin ;)Would love to have his cd.

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