Jewel Writes A Song About Each City On Her Tour

Jewel has always allowed her live acoustic concerts to be off-the-cuff and open for spontaneity, but she’s never customized her sets quite like she is doing on her Star Light Cafe Tour, sponsored by Country Financial.

This time around, the superstar is writing a different song for each city she visits on the trek, and the results have left the crowds loving the personal touch.

It’s been such a fun experience seeing all the different places on my tour, and I wanted to do something special for my fans so I have been surprising them with a song about each city!” says Jewel. “It’s been a blast. I usually end up writing the song hours before the show. It’s so nice to jump off the tour bus and just see the sights and what makes each city unique. We usually end up snapping some pictures and run them during the song later on that evening. It’s my favorite part of the show!”

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