Jaron And The Long Road To Love Releases Debut Album

The debut album from Jaron And The Long Road To Love, Getting Dressed in the Darkwill be released on Jaronwood/Universal Republic Records in association with Big Machine Records, this Tuesday, June 22nd.   
The album’s first single, “Pray For You,” recently spent four consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart before moving onto the Billboard Hot 100; the single is currently a Top 15 hit and rising at Country radio.  
The “Pray for You” video, featuring Jamie Pressly, has become a hit on CMT and GAC and was #1 on MySpace country videos for three weeks straight.  The original video, feature on YouTube is a viral sensation, having garnered more than 3.6 million hits with 80% of them being unique visits.  
Rather than using the traditional record label formula Jaron posted “Pray for You” on his MySpace page and then proliferated the songs and himself to social networking sites to share himself and his new music with fans.  After hearing the song, “Pray for You” and seeing the video, loyal fans that Jaron calls “FRANS” (friend + fan) began gathering in massive numbers calling Country radio all over the U.S. to request the single.  
Jaron says that, Getting Dressed in the Dark, is about love.  “Why do I choose to write about love?  Because that’s where I am right now,” says Jaron candidly.  “I’m not interested in writing stories about doors, or blue skies or whatever.  It’s not interesting to me right now.”  And Getting Dressed in the Dark is about love in many forms, while “Pray for You,” is clearly a revenge ballad, “Meantime Girl” tells the whimsical story of a fleeting infatuation at a traffic light and “Kill Me For Loving You” is a vulnerable song about the pain of a break up.  
Click HERE to access the iTunes pre-sale.