Danny Gokey's Powerful New Single 'I Will Not Say Goodbye' Hits RadioWaves

Danny is poised to hit the radio airwaves with a new single, when this coming Monday marks the official radio impact date of his powerful recording, “I Will Not Say Goodbye.” The heartfelt ballad, with its compelling portrait of coping with the loss of a loved one, has been one of the most acclaimed tracks from Gokey’s debut album, My Best Days, while the poignant music video made its official premiere this past weekend as part of CMT’s Big New Music Weekend.
Amid the praise for the single, The New York Times declared “I Will Not Say Goodbye” as “devastating … the album’s best song,” while Music Row recently cheered the “soulful, soaring ballad,” adding, “The man sings the fire out of it.”
Songwriter Vicky McGehee, who wrote “I Will Not Say Goodbye” with Lari White and Chuck Cannon, said of Danny’s recording, “His voice is amazing, and when I heard ‘I Will Not Say Goodbye,’ it made me realize why I love writing so much. It’s like that song found its home.”
In addition to its debut this past weekend, the music video for “I Will Not Say Goodbye” was released this Tuesday as a digital download from iTunes.

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