A Fan's Review: Blake Shelton Concert

We have a fan review of the Blake Shelton concert at KC Power & Light District in Kansas City from Nikki Bateman. Sounds like Nikki had a great time, check out her experience:

For getting to see Blake Shelton for free last night…I had the time of my life! Probably one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to. I was by the stage for nearly five hours and yeah, I WASN’T moving! Even after the guy next to me spilled his beer almost all over my Blake Shelton photo I had bought. He was nice enough to give me $5 to go get another one, but by the time that happened, people were already packed in. There was no way I was leaving because I wasn’t going to lose my spot!

Blake came out and let me tell you, this man can seriously but on a show! Even if it was for free, he was not going to let this crowd down. And I bet the stage was one of the smallest he’s ever been on. He did songs like, “Kiss My Country Ass,” “All My exes live in Texas,” I love how he opened his song. He told the crowd basically the reason why he and Miranda were going to be living in Oklahoma and NOT in Texas after they got married, “You’ll Always Be Beautiful,” “I’ll just Hold on,” and yes…he did sing the Freecreditreport.com song. That was the best part of the night. I love how Blake was making the crowd laughing and smiling the entire night. He also sang, “Ol’ Red,” “Austin.”

Before I close up my review, Blake and I had a little conversation during the song, “The More I drink!” After the first chorus of the song (The more I drink…the more I drink), I pointed to myself and he gave me this look like, “Really?” and I kept nodding and we just laughed! The ladies behind me gave me high fives. But the best was yet to come!

The third to last song, Blake was like, yeah we should start singing pop music…so he starts singing, “Pina Coladas!” So he goes over to one side of the stage and starts slapping five to people, then goes to the middle of the stage, sings part of the song, does the same thing, then comes to MY side of the stage. After he grabbed the ladies hand next to me…he grabbed my hand for a FULL MINUTE! Oooh yes! 🙂 I told people earlier if he touched me I could die happy! 🙂

And of course I wasn’t going to leave until I heard Hillbilly bone! And guess what? He sang that next! So of course the night was just so great! I loved it! And of course I am a very happy person today! If you want to check out my photos, then go here: Blake Shelton Photos – Nikki Bateman Enjoy looking at my photos! 🙂

For more information on Blake Shelton and to see if he is coming to a city near you, please visit his official website: www.blakeshelton.com