Uncle Kracker Releasing A Countrifed Six Pack

Is there room for another 6-pack on your shelf??? You should make some room because Uncle Kracker is releasing a six song EP entitled ‘Happy Hour: The South River Road Sessions’.

The six pack is expected to be in stores later this month. Kracker says he owes a lot to the DJs at WYCD of his hometown in Detroit. “If it wasn’t for WYCD, my label wouldn’t have even thought about taking it to country radio,” Kracker tells the Detroit News. “Country radio seems to have a few people left who take chances, and do things the way they want to do them regardless of who’s going to yell at them. There still seems to be a general passion for music at the country stations I’ve visited.”

Uncle Kracker is not new to the country scene, he has teamed up with Kenny Chesney on the hit single “When The Sun Goes Down”. Kracker has joined Chesney several times on stage and opened for him last year at The Hard Rock in New York.

We can expect to start seeing alot more of Uncle Kracker, he says “It’s all touring for the next two years for this kid”.

For more information on Uncle Kracker, click HERE to visit his official website.