Justin Moore Launches New Single "How I Got To Be That Way"

Following the chart success of his second consecutive Top 5 hit “Backwoods”, Justin Moore is gearing up for the release of his new single “How I Got To Be That Way”, and for Justin, the song is an autobiographical snapshot.

“You know who I am, now you’re gonna get to see why with this song,” Justin proclaims. “It’s a Justin Moore song, it sounds like me, but it’s a little different storyline and stuff. I think it’ll be good for the summer. Honestly, everybody’s done stupid stuff growing up, and it’s just about that and learning from it and how that made you who you are. I’m proud of the song. I wrote it with my producer Jeremy Stover and Rivers Rutherford, who’s written hit after hit after hit. Rivers has more hits than I will have in the next 30 years as a writer and it was cool to write with him. That was the only time we’ve written. When you get in these rooms with folks you’ve never written with before, you kind of B.S. for awhile and learn about each other. He was just asking me how I grew up and what kind of kid I was. I said, ‘I was a pretty good kid. I mean, I did some stupid stuff like any other kid does, but for the most part I was pretty good.’ I said something like, ‘I guess that’s how I got to be this way,’ and he said, ‘Right there. What was some of the stuff you did?’ I told him I totaled my dad’s truck on Dixonville curve when I was in high school, and we went from there.”

Justin continues: “The first line says, ‘I rolled my dad’s truck off the Dixonville curve after drinking my fifth beer.’ That’s a pretty true song. There’s a pretty funny line in the song that says something about getting kicked in the face by a horse. Everybody is always like, ‘No way.’ I said, ‘That’s my excuse for why my face looks like this!’”

Be sure to start requesting “How I Got To Be That Way” on your local radio stations. Justin is also packing up and getting ready to hit the road on Brad Paisley’s H20 Tour which starts this Friday May 21st in Virgina Beach.

*Press Release Courtesy TVMC