Justin Moore Jokes That He Is Not A "One Hit Wonder"

Justin Moore has had the experience of climbing to the top of the country charts with “Small Town U.S.A.,” and now he’s experiencing his second Top 10 hit with “Backwoods.”

Justin doesn’t take the success for granted. “It’s cool to see it doin’ what it’s done. Everybody was saying, ‘Is the pressure off after having the first one?’ And I’m like, ‘Naw, I think it’s more, because you’ve gotta follow it up and prove that it was legit and not just a flash-in-the-pan type deal,” says Justin. “So for it to do what it’s done for us so far has been great. Now I know I’m not a one-hit wonder!” Justin continues, laughing.

“Backwoods,” “Small Town U.S.A.” and the rest of the Arkansas native’s songs take a slice out real life, and that just may be the secret to his success. “I think these songs are connecting so well, because they’re about real people. I think people want to know who you are as a person, as well as an artist. And I think we did a really good job on this album of picking songs and writing songs, where people get that – good, bad or ugly. I think that’s one of the hardest things to do as an artist, a brand new artist especially, is for people to get to know who you are. And I think we did really well on this album.”

You will get the chance to know Justin even better this summer as he is getting ready to kick off his run on Brad Paisley’s H20 Tour starting next weekend in Virginia Beach.

*Press Release Courtesy of TVMC