Jewel Talks About New Single 'Satisfied'

Jewel recently filmed the video for her new single, “Satisfied,” at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, and between takes, she talked with The Tennessean about the song and her philosophy on music videos.

“My husband (rodeo champion Ty Murray) and I have talked a lot about what is happiness and what makes a person happy,” the singer said about the inspiration for “Satisfied.” “It’s funny because I feel like we all are interested in happiness, but I feel like very few of us sit down to actually see how much we’re doing in our day lends to our happiness. It also seems like when you’re a kid you have all these goals about what you want your life to become. Now when you accomplish those goals, you have to re-evaluate and see if they are making you happy because what makes a person feel satisfied might be different than what you thought. It was for me. It’s about finding balance.”

With that in mind, Jewel and the video’s director, Peter Zavadil, developed the concept for the video. An ethereal-looking Jewel stands onstage singing while images of people in varying emotional situations flicker across the screen. “I love doing videos because they allow you a chance to complement your lyric and your writing,” she said. The message in this song is one that is no question very personal and important for Jewel. “’Satisfied’ is hands down my favorite message on the album. This is up there with ‘Hands’ and ‘Life Uncommon’ for me. I really believe we don’t always know what it takes to be happy and satisfied. Sometimes it’s simpler than we know: finding those you love and letting them know you do. To me that is the definition of the word. My favorite spot is the bridge ‘horses are built to run, the sun was meant to shine above, flowers were made to bloom, and then there’s us – we were born to love.’”

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