Alan Jackson Honored The Fallen Miners At A Benefit Concert

Alan Jackson performed a benefit concert on Saturday (5/22) honoring the fallen miners as well as the rescue workers from the West Virginia mining disaster. The 27 families who lost loved ones and the two whose family members survived met with Jackson before the show. The family for Cory Davis, whose 21st birthday was Saturday the day of the concert, gave Alan a bracelet that signified his birthday. Jackson wore it throughout the show.

Alan Jackson told the packed auditorium that, “We’re here to honor the ones that we lost or were injured and we’re gonna celebrate their lives with some music.”

During the show, Jackson’s long time pedal steel player Robbie Flint who is originally from Sylvester, WV, performed the moving ballad “Coalwood,” from the film October Sky, as the faces of the miners flashed on two large screens on either side of the stage. As each name and face appeared, cheers reverberated through the crowd. Jackson followed the heart-felt tribute with his post 9/11 anthem, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning.”

Profits from the benefit concert will go to the Montcoal Mining Disaster Fund which is administrated by the West Virginia Council of Churches.

“Alan Jackson was the right music star for the moment to come to West Virginia and honor the memories of the miners lost at the Upper Big Branch and to all miners who go into the mines each day,” said Rev. Dennis Sparks, Exec Director of the Fund. “His music and performance offers a genuine expression of the hearts of our people. We offer a heartfelt thank you to Alan Jackson, his band and his entire team. The Montcoal Mining Disaster Fund will be enormously enhanced through his concert.”

To make a donation to the Montcoal Mining Disaster Fund, please click HERE.