Mark Chestnutt & Darryl Worley Play For Our American Troops

Darryl Worley & Mark Chesnutt embark on a trip and head back overseas to play for our American Troops.

Mark Chestnutt will visit U.S. Air Force bases in South Korea starting April 9th. Mark will play Camp Casey, Camp Humphreys and Kunsan Air Base on successive days, and he’ll visit the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

“I’m very happy to be able to go visit our troops again this year,” Mark says. “These people just want to have a taste of home, and I plan on giving that to them.”

Darryl Worley who wrote the passionate song “Have You Forgotten” shortly after 9/11 will head to Iraq on April 29th for the We’ve Not Forgotten Tour. Over a five-day period, he’ll give a mix of shows with a full band in protected areas and acoustic concerts in remote Forward Operating Bases.

“In some small way, this is just our way to say thanks in honor of their sacrifice, but it could never compare to what these soldiers do for us every day,” Darryl says. “Seeing their undying allegiance and loyalty to the cause is so inspiring. Those young men and women are so phenomenal and because of what they do, we are all very fortunate to have the lifestyle and freedom that we have.”

We wish both Mark Chesnutt & Darryl Worley safe travels.