Kenny Chesney's Summer In 3D Poster Contest

Did you catch the Red Carpet Premiere for Summer In 3D streamed live on UStream? The excitement was in the air as several of Kenny’s friends walked the red carpet as they head in to watch the movie.

Since we can’t watch the movie with them, we thought we would give away one of the mini-posters that Katie Cook showed on u-stream.

Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Kenny Chesney song is. We will pick a winner in 2 hours. Remember to leave your contact information so we can get ahold of you if you win!!!

22 replies on “Kenny Chesney's Summer In 3D Poster Contest”

  1. Favorite song is Anything but mine! But Spirit of a storm is right up there with it!-Carrie

  2. I like all of his songs but my favorite right now is The Road and The Radio and This is Our Time. Becky

  3. My favorite Kenny song is "Baptism" with Randy Travis. Such a spiritual song.

  4. I love all his songs..But the one that i dearly like is "There Goes My Life" all about growing up and taking care of responsability..:) Would luv to win his poster, i was watching on Ustream also woohoo..:)


  5. Its got to be Summertime! Love all Kenny's but this song got me through a very rough winter here in the NE..played it everday!


  6. I have so many favorites but if I had to choose only 1 I guess it would have to be "BE AS YOU ARE".. (Now that was really hard to decide on only 1 song) Would love to win a mini-poster! :o)

    Contact Info:
    P. Hanson


  7. I think for me I really like Me and You its great and it really describes alot of my life. It is also a great song for couples. God Bles You Kenny and Congrads on your new movie. 423-525-5146

  8. So hard but it will have to be "Don't Happen Twice" since he sang it to me once in concert! I love you Kenny! It was great to see all of Kenny's family and friends supporting him at the premiere tonight.

  9. My favorite is I Go Back, it's such a true song, it's very real. But I love them all!! My 2nd favorite is Summertime, my kids say it's our summertime theme!!

  10. I have a lot of favs of his but Id have to pick Old Blue Chair! LOVE that one the most!
    Michelle in OH

  11. Congratulations Amanda! You have won a Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D Mini Poster!! We will contact you via email for your information.

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