Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D Earns $1.2Million During Opening Week/Weekend

The anticipated Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D movie opened last week earning a successful $1.2 million during its first 4 day run at theaters. Summer In 3D’s opening night showings earned the film #7 on its opening day. By Thursday, the film out-earned all 3D films by legitimate music acts other than the Rolling Stones and U2, keeping in mind that the Stones & U2’s films were in the theaters for extended runs, while Kenny’s film is only slated for two weeks with limited showings.

“I’ve always wished the fans could see what I see, and with this they can,” said Chesney, who emerged somehow refreshed after spending hundreds of hours in the film’s editing process. “And I got to see it all from places I can’t usually see, too. In editing, I could get the enormity of this thing. It was good for me to be able to reflect on all this, and to wrap my arms around it. Somehow, you wind up inspired.”

Summer In 3D runs thru Sunday, May 2nd. Times & locations can be found at

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  1. I still haven't seen it. I wonder if they're gonna make a way to see it after then too….I know it's 3D, but like somehow put it on DVD or something..

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