Kenny Chesney Returns In 2011 & Is "Going To Hit It Pretty Hard"

Kenny Chesney was recently in Austin, TX and made a stop by The University of Texas football facilities. While there, Kenny caught up with Mack Brown, the head football coach of The University of Texas. Check out this interview from

You’ve been to Austin a few times, what do you think of the city?
I have been coming to Austin for years. I was just here last year and did Austin City Limits, and we played here a lot at The University of Texas. The first three or four times I played in Austin, we played The Backyard, and that used to be one of my favorite places in the world to play. It was a great environment. This is definitely one of my favorite cities – not just in Texas, but anywhere.

It’s well known you’re a Tennessee and college football fan, what does visiting here mean to you?
I am a big Tennessee fan. I grew up on Tennessee football in Knoxville, but I love the tradition of football, and Texas has a very proud tradition, so meeting Coach Brown is a big deal for a guy that likes football as much as I do.

You’ve gotten to look around a little bit, what do you think of the facilities here?
We have seen a lot of facilities and this place is unbelievable. I’ve never really seen a pool table like that [in the Players Lounge]. That is pretty impressive. I love this environment. I love it.

Do you follow Texas football and what have your impressions been of coach Brown?

We get off the road around the first of September every year, and I have a home down in the Virgin Islands where I built this awesome bar out at my house and have two huge big screen TVs, so I can have a game on each TV. All of the games that Texas plays that are on TV, we watch, and of course, the run last year was really impressive. I really respect Coach Brown a lot for the way that he handles himself, handles his program, and communicates with the kids that play for him. I think that he does a great job.

Plus you and coach Brown both grew up in Tennessee, is there a bond there?
Where you come from is really important, and to be honest with you, I didn’t know he was from Cookeville, Tenn., until just a couple weeks ago. I had no idea that was where he grew up. You can tell in his demeanor.

What do you have coming up in your career?
This is technically a year off for me – I am doing 10 shows this year, but I have a movie coming out that’s like a 3D concert film and the music awards show is coming up, but after that I am going to take a little break and get ready for next year because we are going to hit it pretty hard.

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  1. (: I hope he comes to the Du Quoin State fair next year in Illinois (: I'm a huge fan of his and that's the closest place for me. I'll save up if I have to though to go anywhere. It's a big dream of mine to see Kenny Chesney sing live (:

  2. Kenny Chesney puts on the best country concert you will ever see! I cannot wait until 2011 for him to make a stop in Pittsburgh. Summers just aren't the same without a tailgate before the Kenny Chesney concert here in the Burgh!

  3. i really hope kenny chesney comes to somewhere in northern new england!! (hopefully Massachusetts gilette stadium!) becuase i love him! <3
    she comes from Boston>>>>she wears a red sox cap to hide her baby grays…..shes from boston…. i love the red sox and kenny chesney!!!

  4. I was super bummed out when I found out that he was not touring last year. I have to admit, I have seen his concerts for 8 years straight, starting in North Carolina, and when i moved to florida, I didn't miss one here either. I could not be more excited about him coming back around. He puts on the best show that I have ever seen! For me that's saying something, I go to at least one concernt a month! Cant wait for the 2011 tour!~!!

  5. Connecticut Needs You Next Year Kenny. You have a beautiful voice and a wonderful demeanor. Lots of fun.

  6. We have seen Kenny twice, once in his Sun City Carnival Tour and then again at the Bayou Country Superfest! He is a great performer! Looking forward to his 2011 Tour!! Come back to New Orleans Kenny! We <3 YOU!!!

  7. Kenny we can't wait for you to come to Oz mate. Come on down and enjoy some southern hospitality and sweet sweet beer!!

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