Justin Moore Connects With Fans Through The Backwoods

Whether from the “Backwoods” or not, fans are connecting with Justin Moore’s current hit.

Justin broke through with his ode to rural American Life with “Small Town USA“, so when he decided to follow that song up with another song about the joys of simple living – the raucous “Backwoods” – he felt confident that the song would connect, regardless of where fans came from.

I think with the world the way it is right now, people are hungry for the simple things,” notes Justin. “Knowing how well ‘Small Town USA’ did, made me realize that people are ready for old-school Country Music. You know, it’s been amazing for me to see our crowds grow from 500 people last summer to full houses of 1,500 people this year. You couldn’t even dream this big where I came from, so to see people from all over the country gravitating to what we are doing, is really rewarding.”

Justin just recently finished up opening for Brad Paisley on the American Saturday night tour and will do a run of solo club dates this spring. Justin will then re-join Brad Paisley and embark on Paisley’s H20 Tour.

*Press Release Courtesy of TVMC