Jimmy Wayne Making A Routine For Himself Out On The Road

Jimmy Wayne is a man of routine. He is someone who loves order and sticking to a schedule. So when his life was turned on its head earlier this year when he began his 1700-mile Meet Me Halfway trek to raise awareness of teen homelessness, Jimmy had to get used to days with uncertainty of weather and without a set schedule. But he still managed to find a routine.
“I’ve come to learn you can find a routine in everything,” states Jimmy. “I’ve always liked order. I carry my guitar in the same hand every time and I put it on in the same way every time I play. You know, as a kid, when I was sleeping outside and in the middle of chaos, you forget stuff and you lose stuff, and I couldn’t afford that. So I established routines to remember to do things. For me, it was part of surviving the situations. And I’ve put that same thought process into this walk, to keep me organized and keep me moving forward.”

And moving forward towards his goal is at the forefront of his mind right now: Jimmy has currently walked over 720 of the 1700 miles it will take to reach his destination in Phoenix. Click here to follow Jimmy on Twitter and track his journey.

*Press Release Courtesy of TVMC