Jewel's 'Sweet and Wild' is also 'Sweet and Mild'

Jewel’s release of Sweet and Wild on June 8th will offer fans not one, but two versions of the songs on the album.

The alternate versions of the studio tracks will be acoustic in nature and will represent the songs in their original state.

“The only other difference is how I color my songs. My fundamental songwriting has not changed one bit,” Jewel says of presenting two different snapshots of the same song on her second Country project. “How I produce the music does change. Now I can add weeping steel to emphasize a poignant lyrics…or I can use a rolling picked banjo to bring an uplifting forward movement to a chorus, instead of layering another electric guitar to get some lift for a chorus. To drive this point home – I decided to release a double album called ‘Sweet And Mild’. It’s the exact same record and the exact same sequence, but it’s all solo acoustic. Zero production. It’s just me and my guitar. These are the tracks I cut at my home studio by myself, and these are the tracks I took to Nashville that Nathan [Chapman] and I created the album around. Here they exist in their most pure state, as they were written. They are blank canvases that can still go any which way. Naked songs, waiting to be dressed and told what they are. Sometimes we really changed the song when we dressed them up, [while] others stayed very similar to what was already there.”

For a full explanation of the recording process for this album and details on the songs included, click here to read Jewel’s latest blog from her website.

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