Is There Such Thing As Too Much Kenny Chesney??

Is there such thing as too much Kenny Chesney? We didn’t think so!! We are going to be seeing and hearing a lot from Kenny Chesney in the coming weeks with release of his movie Summer In 3D which hits Theaters on April 21st.

Kenny just added a visit to the ESPN Mike & Mike show on Wednesday April 7th the day after Greenberg and Golick’s book, “Mike and Mike’s Rules for Sports & Life” arrives in stores. Chesney wrote the book’s preface and while reflecting on the task, the country star notes, “When they asked me, I thought it’d be fun. But I took it — like everything I do — serious, and it’s a lot more work than you’d guess.” He adds “I can say, though, I got to read their book last year laugh at their anecdotes, see their camaraderie on the page and take away some funny stories and some decent life lessons. Anyone who’s a fan of the show is gonna love it — if they can get past the preface.”

Kenny will be a guest on Oprah on April 9th as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on April 15th. Kenny will also be at the advance screening of Summer in 3D on April 14th in Knoxville, TN.