Contest – Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D Poster

As you may have heard, Kenny Chesney is releasing his movie Summer In 3D on April 21st! We have a movie mini-poster up for grabs. Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite Kenny Chesney experience!!

Be sure to leave your name and contact email, or you can email us and we will post your comment. We will pick a winner on Wednesday.

Good Luck!!

Congratulations Holli. You have won this poster.
Stay tuned everyone, we have a few more to give away……

Poster measures approx. 11×16. Due to its size, it may need to be slightly folded for shipping but will do our best.

7 replies on “Contest – Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D Poster”

  1. Mary Sue emailed us and said:

    I never made it to a kenny chesney concert, but I did make it to buying tickets for my daughter. This is way before she got to winning them every time they announced a new concert.

    I had just got out of the hospital havin surgery on my heart in 2002. I had staples still in me. I was waiting in line to buy tickets for my daughter. She was a HUGE fan of Kenny's at the time. She wanted to see him & if she didn't her birthday would be just ruined. I knew I had to stand in line for tickets. I was weak. I saw a few of her friends in line so I asked if they would make sure she got decent seats. I had to go sit down. Remind you I had just got out of the hospital with staples in me. I get to the road to cross it to where the truck is parked. I see a BRIGHT light shinning down hitting a burrow & a man is on it that looks like Jesus clothes & everything like in a picture I've seen. He stops the sunlight hitting him just perfect. He motions for me to cross in front of him. I wasn't too sure if I should, was I dreaming, passed out, or had I died? Lots of thoughts raced in my head. He motioned again to go on across. So I did. When I got to the truck which wasn't too far from there. I looked back to realize he was part of a christmas parade. That's the day I will never forget getting tickets for my daughters 16th birthday to see Kenny Chesney!

  2. Raina emailed us and said:

    My favorite experience at a kenny chesney concert would have to be having nosebleed seats. I thought it was horrible for the price mom paid for tickets. Me & two other girls went. One of the girls had just had a c-section 4 weeks prior to the concert. She wanted to see kenny. Her favorite singer! When he got to his second song we snuck down on the floor was bobed & weaved until we were first row. We thought we had it made. Awesome pics. Screaming & yelling. Then he reaches down & grabs my hand holds up my poster board for the crowd to see that said "Kenny Chesney is the good stuff" & autographs it… I still have it in my kitchen window 🙂 BRIGHT orange doesn't match anything. It tells what a country fan is all about. Bc Kenny Chesney is still the good stuff 😉

  3. LC emailed us and wrote:

    The first time I went to see KC he was going to play at a bar in my home town. It was canceled a couple hours before the show. They had only sold tickets to their friends and Kenny had heard about it. He told me he would come back and do another show some other time, but that wasn t fair to anyone. He was live on air telling this on radio. I was saddened by the news I had hoped to hear him play. Do you know he has yet to come back to Ole Miss and play. This was in 2004. I don t blame him though. That was unfair to a lot of his fans. Hope to see him one day live & on stage.

  4. I've not met Kenny in person (would love to!) but the skit on CMT with him and his grandmother- taking her on an airplane ride to go get Key Lime Pie, was so wonderful. What Love he has for his family xxoxoxoo He is just so adorable!!!! Shawna

  5. Getting to sit in the 1st row to see him during Fan Fair 2000 at the old fairgrounds!! I was with my son and some kids he met let me sit in their 1st row seats! I was totally in heaven!! Now you have to be RICH to get 1st row seats at CMA Fest!! That was an experience I will NEVER forget! Kenny was totally AWESOME!!

  6. I cannot wait to see Kenny this year at country thunder and winning this poster would remind me there are 100 days until I get to see him EVERY morning!
    Please pick me!

  7. My favorite experience was being in the sandbar for the Boston concert last year. It was hot and the vibe was perfect. We didn't get to tailgate because we were waiting in line for the gates to open but it was all worth it. Finally after hours and hours of waiting the gates finally opened and we all ran like crazies trying to find our way down to the floor to the sandbar, get our wristbands and see how close we were going to be. Our missing out on tailgating and waiting in line paid off because we ended up in the front row right by the stage. We saw all the acts up close in and personal and when Kenny hit the stage it was all worth it. My aching feet and back didn't seem to matter anymore, i just dealt with that the next day. That has been my best Chesney experience.

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