Catching Up With Steel Magnolia

We had the opportunity to interview Steel Magnolia and were able to include alot of questions that fans submitted to us. Check it out and get to know a bit more about Josh & Meghan.  

CMR: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us, we certainly appreciate it. We received an overwhelming response with questions from your fans so we will be sure to include some of those in our interview. 
CMR: Your success has been huge. Keep On Loving You is continually climbing the charts, your joining Brad Paisley’s H20 tour, your nominated for TWO CMT Awards!!! Have you had a chance to process all this exciting news and what do you think of it all?  
Meg: I don’t know if I’ll ever totally process it all. It’s been totally amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. We both worked so hard to get to this point and now we’re working harder to stay here. I just feel so blessed that we have been given the opportunity to do what we love and work with incredible people!  
Josh: It’s amazing, I try to sit and reflect every day. The shows keep getting bigger and more and more people are starting to take notice. I think the key is to just take everything day by day and not get ahead of ourselves. 
CMR: Who would you each consider your biggest inspiration?  
Meg: I think my biggest inspiration is just living life. There’s just so much to pull from that it’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing or person. I pull more from my emotions and feelings. Love, loss, happiness, sadness, etc. I think everyone can relate to that.  
Josh: I get inspiration everywhere, always. People, Music, Movies, Weather, Etc. I have realized in the last few years that I am a morning person. Its funny, I always thought I was a night owl before but I am most creative in the very early morning til about noon.  
CMR: If you could pick an artist to record a duet with, whom would you each pick and why? 
Meg: I would definitely pick Dolly Parton. I admire her so much. She is a true inspiration both musically and personally. She’s just a beautiful person!  
Josh: I would have to say I would like to do an acoustic sit down with Willie Nelson. There is a song I wrote a few years ago that I want to hear Willie sing and he is just so honest and is a true cowboy with a real sensitive side and he ain’t afraid to show it.  
CMR: Where did the name Steel Magnolia come from and what is the story behind it?  
Meg: I actually threw that one out. Being a girl from southern Louisiana, the move, Steel Magnolias is a favorite of mine! So on the way to a gig one night we were trying to figure out a name, and I said, “how about Steel Magnolia?” Josh said, “Cool, we’ll change it later!” Of course we didn’t and I think it fits us perfectly!  
CMR: What is the last CD/Download that you each purchased?  
Meg: I just downloaded “Break Even” by The Script. I LOVE It!!!! It’s so catchy and his voice is incredible!  
Josh: I Love just about everything Billy Currington has released. I have been meaning to go out and pick up his record.  
CMR: You’re on the road a lot traveling from city to city and coast to coast. Even though you’re at each location for a very short period of time is there one thing in particular you like to try to experience, or eat or see at each location you go to?  
Meg: I wish I was more interesting…but, honestly, it’s such a struggle to find time to do anything, other than work, on the road. I’m happy just catching a work out and catching up on email. In fact… I’m at a laundry mat right now… how lame is that? If it’s somewhere really cool though…like NYC or San Fransisco.. I try to at least take a walk around and soak it all in!  
Josh: I like to go out and explore different cultures, mostly eating. I guess I’m into trying different things for the most part.  
CMR: With everything you have going on, what are you most looking forward to throughout this year?  
Meg: I’m super excited about the Brad Paisley tour!!! It’s such an honor to be invited on such a huge tour with an amazing talent like Brad. It’ll be so great to get out all summer and meet the fans. And, of course, we can’t wait to release our record!!!  
Josh: BUILDING more fans and meeting all the incredible people on the road.  
CMR: Amber from California wants to know, what is the craziest experience you’ve had so far while performing?  
Meg: Hmmmm… that’s a good one! We actually were supposed to play a show a few months ago and Josh was extremely sick and couldn’t make it! So, I decided to go meet the fans and apologize. Then, I had this crazy idea to pull a guy from the audience and have him sing “Keep On Loving You” with me. Easton Corbin was there and his guys learned the song in about 5 min. backstage and we did it!! The guy I picked was a great sport.. he didn’t know the song AT ALL!!! But it was a lot of fun and a really cool moment!  
CMR: Rachel from Texas wants to know what is Meghan’s favorite store to shop at?  
Meg: hahaha… I like to shop everywhere! I like to mix it up. There’s one little boutique in Nashville called Smack that I go to a lot. I like Forever 21 and H&M too… they have cute little dresses!  
CMR: Hillary from Oklahoma wants to know what Josh’s favorite type of food is?  
Josh: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, or Mexican  
CMR: Michelle from Arizona wants to know what or who you both miss the most while out on the road? Meg: My Dogs!!! Aaahhhh… I miss them soooo much!!! They’re like my babies!  
Josh: My hound dogs and my cousin and Friends. 
Huge thanks to Steel Magnolia for taking the time with us!! For more information on Josh and Meghan, check out there website here: STEEL MAGNOLIA