Brad Paisley Debuts Film at Nashville Film Festival

This is a big week for Country Stars hitting the big screen. In addition to the highly anticipated Kenny Chesney Summer In 3D Film, Brad Paisley is also marking his debut as a film director.

Brad Paisley, who is well known for his pranks while out on the road, shot the short “When Mom’s Away,” film which will have it’s premiere at the Nashville Film Festival tonight. He says the movie was inspired by his wife’s reaction to leaving him alone with their sons, when she had to go away on business. Paisley explains that — using a doll — he and his band mates demonstrate all the things his wife would most likely object to him doing with their little boy.

Not to worry, Paisley says he won’t be abandoning music for movies. The country star insists he’s not a filmmaker, and that he has no desire to develop a dual career. He adds that he doesn’t even want to release “When Mom’s Away.” Paisley explains that he doesn’t mind sharing family moments like this with an audience, but he doesn’t want the film to have a wide distribution or commercial release.

Brad Paisley, along with his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley,will arrive on the Oreck Red Carpet at 6:45 to greet fans and media and will introduce the film this evening.