Blake Shelton Wants to Tell Someone Off For You

Who better to tell someone off for you than Blake Shelton!! In support of his album Hillbilly Bone, Blake Shelton is giving his fans the chance to tell their family, friends, co-workers, exes and everyone in between to “Kiss Their Country A**” with his hilarious new video campaign on Twitter.

Fans can send a personalized message from Shelton in 11 different scenarios telling someone to “Kiss My Country A**.” The rambunctious song “Kiss My Country Ass” is featured on Hillbilly Bone.

The side-splitting, no nonsense videos include these 11 “Kiss My Country A**” quips:
  • Tell Your Boss
  • Tell Your Ex-Husband
  • Tell Your Ex-wife
  • From A Guy
  • From A Gal
  • If They Didn’t Get My Album
  • If They’ve Had a Little Too Much
  • If They Wear A Baseball Cap
  • If They have A Mullet
  • If They Speak Funny
  • If They Love To Hunt
Click HERE, select a video from the drop down list, enter a friend’s twitter name, enter their message, click “post to Twitter” and it immediately posts to their account.

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