Be A Part of Our Steel Magnolia Interview

We will be interviewing the popular duo Steel Magnolia and want you to be a part of it!!

Have a question for Meghan or Josh? Email us ( and we will put your questions in a drawing to be asked during our interview with the duo. You have until next Wednesday, April 7th to get your questions to us.

Steel Magnolia will be joining Brad Paisley’s H20 Tour this summer.

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  1. Meghan and Josh,

    When I heard your performance of 'Keep On Lovin' You', I felt a shiver up my spine. I have been doing some research in regards to where you were and where you are now. You spoke to Naomi and Wynnona Judd in regards to your concerns about not getting along off stage. (I ran to my prayer list and added you two to it!) They put you at ease by saying it was very normal. Have you been able to get over that hump?

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