Trace Adkins Will Seek Advice from Toby Keith

Trace Adkins who recently signed with Toby Keith’s recording label Show Dog Universal, will be releasing a new album in August. Adkins tells the Green Bay Gazette about his decision to join the label: “I entered into this thing because I have a lot of respect for Toby. I’m finishing up this new record, and when I get ready to make that decision on what the first single is going to be, I’m going to sit down with him and we’ll go over the stuff, because I value his opinion.”

The singer also noted, “I had seen how Toby’s organization was run when I toured with him last year. I saw how the representatives from his record label interacted with people, and I was impressed by that. When they merged with Universal, that’s when I made the phone call to Toby. That’s really what made it more appealing to me.”

Trace has been busy touring with Martina McBride on the Shine All Night Tour.