Steel Magnolia Feels Support From Family While On The Road

Steel Magnolia’s Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones each come from a strong family, and during the months away from loved ones, the support they feel from afar is essential to keeping them going.

“I think you need that support when you are out on the road and going through a lot of changes,” notes Meghan. “Being reminded of where you come from by the people back home keeps you grounded. It’s really great to pick up the phone and call your mom and feel normal, and get grounded in the things that matter most in life.” Josh chimes in: “If you forget where you come from you stop growing, and we don’t ever want to do either.”

The duo continues their chart climb this week with their Top 15-and-climbing debut single “Keep On Lovin’ You”.

Press Release Courtesy of Big Machine Records