Kenny Chesney Write Preface for ESPN'S Mike & Mike's Upcoming Book

Kenny Chesney may not be headlining a full tour this year but my gosh is he staying busy. Not only is he getting ready to release his Summer In 3D Movie in less than 1 month, not only is he working on a new album to be released later this year, not only is he performing 11 shows this summer (so far)…… BUT he is also wrote a preface to ESPN’s Mike and Mike’s upcoming book titled “MIKE & MIKE’s Rules For Sports and Life“.

Kenny commented of Mike and Mike, “They’re a little bit crazy and irreverent, but they know their sports — and from completely unique perspectives — and aren’t afraid to hash it out. To me, it’s a lot like what goes on on my bus when we’re out on the road, except, they’re on ESPN-2 and ESPN radio. So when they asked if I would write something for their book, I was right there. I’d never done anything like that before, but it was honored to be asked.”

“He did an awesome job,” said Mike Greenberg of Chesney’s writing. “He completely got us…”

“It’s not hard to do,” Chesney responds. “They have a lot of heard – and a lot of fun. If you’re gonna go at sports or life or whatever, Mike and Mike know how to do it with humor, with passion and that comes through when you listen, when you watch and certainly when you read their book.”

“MIKE & MIKE’s Rules For Sports and Life” hits the shelves April 7th, or you can pre-order on April 6th by clicking HERE

Keep your ears & eyes opened in the coming weeks as Kenny Chesney will be making an appearance on the Mike and Mike show.