Kenny Chesney Heads Back to the Oprah Winfrey Show

Yes its true, Kenny Chesney is heading back to Chicago the day following his birthday on Saturday, March 27, to spend time with Oprah Winfrey for an episode airing April 9th. Providing a first peak at the movie, centered around five of Chesney’s dozen NFL stadium shows from last year, Chesney will also give Oprah a view into himself. In addition, there the show will also have a “surprise”.

“If there’s one thing about Oprah,” Chesney said, “it’s the way she makes you feel so comfortable and so understood. I’ve done her show three times, I think, and every time, you work harder than you realize – cause you just want to be as good as she is – and you open up more than you knew you could…and sometimes you even find out things about yourself. Or at least, I do.”

“So, when we started talking about where to take this movie…to bring people into what it was, how it came together, what it means to me…,” Chesney said. “I figured this movie came out of a whole bunch of dreams I’ve had over the years; where would be the dream place to show people what we’ve been doing? And really, there’s only one place: ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ And just like jamming with my idols onstage, or playing the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Ga. or selling out Gillette Stadium all those years ago, if you’re willing to dream it, it can happen.”

Without giving away the secret about the “surprise”, Kenny took a field team from Oprah with him to the Florida Keys for a special afternoon, according to his publicist. In regards to the surprise, “when the producer’s put the question to me, it took me back,” said Chesney “In some ways, obviously, I have the means to do whatever I’d truly want to do, but sometimes that means stopping and looking around. With our schedule that’s not always as easy as you’d think. Sometimes, too, people will do things for Oprah, they might not do for the rest of us.”

Although Kenny is not doing a headlining tour, he has been diligently working on several tasks such as his next album, writing a preface to ESPN’s Mike & Mike’s new book Rules for Sports & Life, as well as about a dozen performances this summer. We are also enjoying Chesney’s current single Ain’t Back Yet as it is played nationwide on the radio and steadily climbing the country charts and also serves as the closing theme for his “Kenny Chesney Summer in 3-D” Movie which will be released April 21st.