Kenny Chesney Gets Back To The Music

Kenny Chesney is getting back to the recording studio now that the 3D movie is finalized and is ready for release in April.

Nashville: Though his “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D” has provided the high-intensity performer with a unique perspective on what he does when he hits those stadium sized stages every summer and the opportunity to learn even about film and sound editing, the songwriter from East Tennessee returned to his first love this week to resume work on his next studio album. Working with long time co-producer Buddy Cannon, Chesney assembled many of the musicians who’ve helped define his sometimes tropical, sometimes pensive, always rocking kind of country.

“It felt so good to be back in the studio,” admits the man who’s won the CMA’s prestigious Album of the Year for his sextuple platinum When The Sun Goes Down. “I mean, being in the studio is always such an awesome experience… because I came to town to write songs and maybe get to sing ’em. But when you’re in the studio and you’re bringing them to life, creating the way they’re going to be heard, that’s just such a creative time – and I am blessed to work some of the very best musicians in not just Nashville, but honestly the world.”

As his “Ain’t Back Yet,” the end theme for his 3D movie – which opens nationally for a limited time release on April 21 – already in the Top 10 three weeks after being shipped, it’s obvious radio is ready for new music from the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year. With some songs being held over from sessions last year and a full line-up of songs from Paul Overstreet, Casey Bethard, Matraca Berg, Guy Clark and Neil Thrasher, the three days in the studio were music to more than Chesney’s ears.

“There are so many great songs out there, it’s hard to decide what you want to do… cause you know you’re leaving some amazing stuff on the table,” explains the man who’s sold over a million tickets each of the past 8 summers, including NFL stadiums in Boston, Detroit, Seattle, Philadelphia, DC and Tampa. “The biggest challenge is trying to decide which songs take you new places without losing site of where you’ve been, to find those moments that say something about who you are – and how your fans are living life without repeating, but also not just different for the sake of different.

“I’m lucky, because not only do I write all the time, but people pitch me songs all the time, too. I get the best of all worlds, and I’m spoiled in the music that I get to hear…”

Though no firm release date has been set, look for Chesney’s next album to hit stores this fall. In the meantime, fans can pick up Greatest Hits II, which now includes the ESPN College Football anthem “This Is Our Moment” and “Ain’t Back Yet,” both added due to popular demand – and not wanting to make people wait another six months.

“The thing about my schedule,” Chesney says. “It’s meant it’s been a while since the fans had new music they can put their hands on. This was the best way to get them something fresh while taking our time and enjoying making this record. If they like it half as much as we have so far, I know this next record is something they’re gonna really love.”

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