Justin Moore's Guitar Stolen at Concert

Justin Moore played in Michigan last night and had a great show, but his night did not end well. Someone stole his guitar!! The guitar had significant meaning to Justin as he expressed in his tweets last night:

*Great show in Mi tonight. But somebody stole my guitar off stage. Please own up. It means more to me than you know. Dont be a dick. Do right

**It’s worth fightin over. I’ll give you my address. Mi-thanks for a great show! If anybody knows ne thing bout it-plz let me know!

***That guitar is part of me. I WILL find it. So, do the right thing. And, own up to it you bastard!

We are all hoping that the guitar is returned back to Justin and swiftly without any damage. You know what they say about karma…..

If anyone knows anything about this, PLEASE reach out. Let’s get this guitar back to its rightful owner!!!