Josh Thompson "Way Out Here" CD Give Away

Since last week’s poll put Josh Thompson above and beyond on top for Favorite New Up & Coming Country Artist, we’ve decided to do another cd giveway of Josh Thompson’s debut cd Way Out Here.

To enter leave a comment on why Josh Thompson is one of your favorite artists and we will pick a winner on Sunday. Just be sure to leave your name and contact email. Or you can email us ( and we will post your comment.

Good Luck!!!

13 replies on “Josh Thompson "Way Out Here" CD Give Away”

  1. Josh is just an all around great guy. He talks to you like he's known you most of his life. Very friendly and personable guy. He pays attention to his fans and he loves what he does. Being good looking and able to sing are just extra perks ! I love me some Josh Thompson !

  2. Josh acts like the brother you never had and the guy next door who will help you in a heart beat. He has such a warm personality. His music is so real to every day and people can relate to it. I love his voice and stage presence, he really enjoys being there for his fans.

  3. Amanda emailed us and wrote:

    The reason Josh Thompson is my favorite, is because he is not only a great singer but also a down to earth country boy. He has come so far but he's never let it go to his head, he still smiles and keeps giving to his fans 100 percent and is and always will be just himself. That's why he is my favorite.

  4. Shawna emailed us and wrote:

    Josh is so down to earth. He does not discriminate on your looks, your background, and genuinely has an appeal to all and gives his true personality to all. He makes you feel comfortable when you are around him. I had the pleasure of meeting Josh at an area music stage and he was so fun!!! He made a funny face when I went to take his picture, it just made me laugh.
    The way he handles himself on stage and the way the band interacts you can tell they really enjoy playing music to people. He has my vote 100% in any country category as I feel he is the next big country star.

  5. Bruce emailed us and wrote:

    I really enjoy Josh Thompson's music. I was able to see him live and he was great. His songs are about real people working to literally just put beer on the table. I don't have his cd yet (which is why I'm entering) but the songs I heard at his show were great.

  6. I seen Josh before his songs started hitting radio stations, and his music is pure. What you see is what you get with Josh. That is what I like most about him and his music. He has such a great voice and a true art in writing. Keep up the great work Josh!!

  7. J.A. emailed us and wrote:

    "Josh's song is about everyone we know. Working hard for beer and a couple of scratch off tickets. Regular hard working down to earth people who don't have much but a little extra money left over by the end of the week and seem to be just as happy as can be with their life. He is genuine and I think he is really got a lot of talent and is a down to earth person, not to mention easy on the eyes too. :)"

  8. To me Josh Thompson is real. He truly is all about the music and it shows when he's performing. He's very down to earth and his songs are very relatable. When he's performing you feel like he's singing to you! I love LOVE that he co-writes all of his songs,and I honestly cant get enough of his music. I listen to it everyday! I love Josh Thompson!!!

  9. Amy emailed us and wrote:

    Josh is a real down to earth guy. It doesn't seem to bother him that is is climbing the ladder to fame and success. Some artist act like it is suppose to happen over night and he is definitely NOT one of those people. I have seen him perform only one time at a small intimate setting and he was great. He was at a benefit concert and it was a pajama jam so everyone was in their pj's and he joined in on the fun. He had on men's silk pajama's. And of course they were black. He's just a really sweet guy who writes and sings about everyday things that we all understand. Can't wait to see him again live!

  10. Danny emailed us and wrote:

    Josh is one of the few country singers that I truly feel like I could walk up and talk to like a neighbor. He's as grounded and true to his roots as they come. All he wants to do is make great country music the way it was intended and he's been doing a pretty good job at it so far. He's what makes America the Greatest country in the world; hard-working people who don't give up on their dreams.

  11. Danielle emailed us and wrote:

    I first heard of Josh Thompson at a small concert in Philadelphia- he was opening for Luke Bryan. Josh was new to everyone in the crowd- I believe it was one of the first times he had performed in Philly. The
    first song he sang absolutely took my breath away!! He is an incredible artist because he genuinely sings from the heart. He is the
    definition of true country music. After seeing him perform I went home and listened to every song by him I could find on youtube- and preordered his cd as soon as I could! No other artist compares to Josh Thompson and he definitely deserves my vote as best artist : )

  12. Raina emailed us and wrote:

    I'm "usually" not the type of country girl who usually goes chasing country artist. Nor do I "usually" wait HOURS and yes I mean HOURS to see them. I don't "usually" wait & stay over night in Best Buy parking lots because I don't wanna fight a HUGE crowd. I don't act a fool on twitter sending Josh goofy pics or tweets just because. Ok maybe I just want his attention….Do you blame me? I "usually" don't drive an hour in a half just to see him sing one song, m&g, & drive home to my hometown the same day to see him play live again ONLY a few hours later. Ok maybe I am all of that just not "usually" … Haha! I even recently placed a bid on a bird house that he autographed. I don't bid big bucks on much of anything unless I'm at a car auction. I was out bid by someone else. Its ok though! Its the thought that counts.

    Josh is an awesome down to earth singer. His personality is very warming. He doesn't care what background u came from. He doesn't seem like the type that is going to judge u. He doesn't seem to understand the fights that break out at his concerts. I guess the ladies wanna fight to get closer & it just happens to be during his songs "sinner" & "way out here". He makes a unforgettable first impression. Sings about his life & what he knows best 🙂 I can't wait only 4 more days till "way out here" hits as the new single! Its a great song. Maybe we can help it get to # 1 😀 & I can't wait to see him again SOON!! I don't care if I have to ride, drive, walk, fly, take the train or the bus … Ima see him again even if its "way out here" 😉

  13. Mary emailed us and wrote:

    I'm a Josh Thompson fan because he has not let fame go to his head. His personality is bigger than life itself. His whole CD is awesome. I can't wait on the new single to be played over air waves.

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