Get Ready for a Another New Single from Jake Owen

Jake Owen is hitting country radio with another new single, “Tell Me“, which is said to be one of the most distinctive tracks from his Easy Does It collection and the one he playfully calls his “Bonanza” song and its said to be one of his favorite’s.

Lyrically, it’s about wishing he’d been warned about the hurt of a good love gone wrong, but sonically, he says, “The intro to it really sets the mood. There’s got to be a feel for me. I have to feel something when I listen to a song, and ‘Tell Me’ is a lot like that. It’s got this dark, mysterious kind of sound to it. It starts out with kind of the John Wayne riding in on the open range, then you’ve got like the Bonanza thing in there.”

Jake is touring this spring and summer and also accompanying Miranda Lambert on some tour stops as well. For a full list of upcoming concerts and more information, please visit Jake Owen’s official website at