Gary Allan "Get Off The Pain" Deluxe Edition CD Give Away

We have a copy of Gary Allan’s new cd “Get Off The Pain” Deluxe Edition CD to Give Away. Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite Gary Allan song is and why.
You can leave a comment as “anonymous” if you don’t have an account with the other options. Just be sure to leave your name and contact email.

We will pick a winner on Sunday, March 14th!!

Good Luck To All!!!

6 replies on “Gary Allan "Get Off The Pain" Deluxe Edition CD Give Away”

  1. Gary Allan is my favorite artist of all time!! He did not let me down with this new album…It's his best by far. Anyone that knows anything about Gary at all will think No Regrets is true perfection!! My favorite song by him is "Life Ain't Always Beautiful"…3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and had to learn how to walk over again. That song hit so close to home…and now, I go to every Gary Allan concert I can.. He is truly inspiring!!

  2. "Her Man" is definitely my favorite. It's what got me and my wife back together after we were close to divorce. Gary Allan's been a long-time favorite of mine, and I think he's overlooked a lot of the time with the talent he has. "Her Man" was the first song I had ever heard from him, and since that song, I've tried to listen to every song I could from Gary Allan.

  3. I think all of Gary Allan's song take you on a journey. Its of his life and how he feels that comes to life in the songs. People can relate to each and every song in their own special way. The songs take you on a whole range of emotions. Asking someone to tell you what is their favorite song by him is a hard choice especially for me, because I can't single out just ONE song. Most of his song has a meaning in my life. He is a great artist that I hope keeps being blessed in the music business.

    However if I had to pick I'd pick "We touched the Sun" This one means the most to me bc its looking back on all the memories of someone you loved.

  4. My name, is Mary Sue Spears. I hope Im doing this right. Im not too good on here just learning how this all works. My favorite song by Gary Allan is on of his first ones that I ever heard "Man to Man".

  5. Hi this is Robert, it was a tough one for me, I love American Honey but Rain is a Good Thing is an awesome song.

  6. I hope I'm not too late to enter. Right where I need to be is my favorite because I finally feel like I am Right where I need to be.
    (I've emailed you my email address)

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