Fatal Accident Involving One of Carrie Underwood's Team Member

An unfortunate and fatal accident occurred on Saturday morning on Interstate-95 in Connecticut claimed the life of the driver who was transporting equipment for Carrie Underwood’s Saturday Night Concert at Foxwoods Casino’s MGM Grand Theater.

News sources indicated the trailer, with staging equipment, tumbled down the embankment and landed on the median. The driver’s portion of the tractor trailer vaulted into the air after striking the bridge abutment and fell, landing upright facing west. The driver was an Oklahoma man in late 40s.

Carrie Underwood went on with the concert on Saturday night and dedicated “Temporary Home” to him as a tribute. Midway through the show, Underwood informed the sold-out crowd of the accident, dedicating the song to the driver and his family. Remaining poised throughout most of the song, Underwood became shaky and tearful toward the end, receiving vocal support and a standing ovation from the thousands in attendance.

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the family as well as Carrie and her team.