Easton Corbin New CD Contest!!

We have an Easton Corbin CD to give away!! This is Easton’s debut self-titled album and is fantastic. Check out our review on our website.

To enter, please leave a comment and tell us how YOUR A Little More Country than That!!! Remember to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win! Contest Ends Sunday, March 7th!!

Also, you can leave a comment as “anonymous” if you don’t have an account with the other options. Just be sure to leave your name and contact email.


7 replies on “Easton Corbin New CD Contest!!”

  1. I'm a little more country b/c I don't do mainstream country! I like my country music rowdy, loud and gritty. I like to listen to my music in those dirty little honky tonks and NOT in huge auditoriums! I want beer spilled on my boots and I want those boots to be a stompin the entire show! I wanna cruise around on those dirt roads in the summer with the music cranked and those windows rolled down! THAT'S my kind of country!


  2. I'm a little more country than the average bear Boo Boo, Ha!
    No really, I currently live in the city and dream of one day going back to the country. I miss living down a winding country road. I miss going to the barn and saddling up the horses and going for a ride. I started a farm on Facebook just because I loved the country life sooo much. I haven't been back to the farm in quite a while though. I am missing it.

    Anyway, I love Easton Corbin's tune. I really thought it was King George himself at first, like so many others. I listen to WYRK 106.5 FM, Sunny Buffalo's country music station. I have been though my phases, rock and roll, blues, even a little rap but I always find my way back to the country!. I would love the new CD, thanks.

  3. Picture a small boy in coveralls
    With his grandpa, learning duck calls
    A shotgun at his back
    I'm a little more country than that
    Sitting on a hay bale with a guitar
    Singing Autry under the stars
    While lightning bugs attack
    I'm a little more country than that

    I know what it means to be more country than that, and Easton's single hits it right on the nose for me. I've lived down that dirt road that leads to my house. I've gone fishing with my grandpa with a cane pole, shooting shotguns at beer cans, floating down the river on a wooden raft. This is why I KNOW I'm a little more country than that.

    Email: joshtullos@gmail.com

  4. I'm a little more country than that because I'm the only one around here brave enough to show my country pride and wear my cowboy boots every day to school and to town. When I was younger, them country folk were made fun of around here. Now I'm pretty proud to show I AM country, I don't care how people act towards me ~ It's a HUGE part of who I am. That's how I'm a little more country than that..


  5. I am country because the first time I heard Easton and had to figure out it was not King George, I KNEW he was going to be huge! I also live in Philly, where loving country music is not cool, but I am proud to be a country music fan! I would love this cd!! jeanne iwon123@verizon.net

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