Dierks Bentley Releasing A New Album "Up on the Ridge"

Dierks is releasing a new album entitled “Up on the Ridge”. This album is going to take Dierk’s back to his roots, specifically his bluegrass roots. “This album won’t come as a surprise to my hard core fans,” says Bentley. “They’ve asked me: ‘when are you going to make a bluegrass record?’ And I was just waiting for the right time.”
The new album also includes vocals of Miranda Lambert and Alison Krauss as well as many others.

Dierk’s also went on to say “I didn’t want this to be ‘Dierks Bentley and friends’ or a ‘Dierks does bluegrass’ kind of album. I wanted each song to have something special about it, and in the end I think each song really does have its own thing going on.”
“It’s my version of bluegrass music,” he says. “It’s not just banjos cranked up to eleven. It throws out a big net.”

“Up on the Ridge” is scheduled to be released this summer. All of us at Country Music Rocks is excited for this new album as we think its going to bring us all back, way back, to our country roots.

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