ACM Lifiting Lives Music Camp

ACM Lifting Lives™ and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities are announcing the first-ever ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp. The Camp will have a dual purpose of studying Williams syndrome and other developmental disabilities and providing music enrichment through performance and education. The camp will be located in Nashville, TN, and will be open to individuals with developmental disabilities talented in music from around the nation.

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp will be a week-long residential camp in Nashville. Campers from across the nation will participate in a songwriting workshop and recording session, culminating in a live performance at the Grand Ole Opry—and will gain the invaluable experience of visits from top-tier country music veterans. Last year‘s camp featured visits from LeAnn Rimes, Kix Brooks, Eddie Montgomery and more.

“The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is a remarkable partner for ACM Lifting Lives,” said Erin Spahn, Director of ACM Lifting Lives. “The camp is uniquely situated in Nashville, yet national in scope. Thanks to this camp, people from all over the country will be helped through music enrichment and research. We are so proud to add the name ACM Lifting Lives to this extraordinary program.

To learn more about ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp or to apply for admission, please contact (615) 343-7046 or email